Success Stories... It's Not Just Me

When I was drowning in pain my mind struggled to find hope. I didn't know anyone else who suffered this way. I didn't know of anyone else who was healed. If you're deep in pain and your suffering is the only thing you can see, anchor your hope in these stories. Let these stories of hope give you the strength to try again. Don't give up ladies!
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Allison from California                                                                
I first spoke with Allison when she was 2 months pregnant. She was struggling with frequent urination, external irritation around the vagina, burning inside the vagina and externally, pelvic pain, lower back pain and inflamed nervous system. She started with lemon water 3x a day, celery 2x a day, raw honey, avocado, dates, spirulina, fruit, esther C, b12, zinc, nettle leaf, lemon balm (not much lemon balm or nettle cause she was pregnant) b…

I beat this *!@#ing virus again! How I did it in 3 weeks while pregnant ;)

I beat this *!@#ing virus again! (Please add your own expletives here) I have been pain free for almost 3 years and suddenly it came back. I was 26 weeks pregnant and living in the smoke from the fires in Northern California. After 4 days living in the smoke, the pain came back. I was floored. I had underestimated the environmental toxins. It took me about 3 weeks to figure out what had fallen apart in my body but once I incorporated the right combinations of things into my diet, I was pain free almost over night. I woke up the next morning and it was just gone. Gone. I even ate some dairy and cake on my birthday a few days later and I was still pain free. So crazy. This is how I did it.

*I don't expect that this will resolve most women's pain that quickly because I have spent years repairing my body but I'm hoping this new understanding will speed up everyone's recovery time. I wish it does though!

BEWARE OF THE PERFECT STORM (see the picture above)
I want to warn all th…

Healing with Tea Concoctions

I've been able to heal a lot with tea. When I was fighting chronic pain, I was drinking tea concoctions 3+ times a day. Naturally. My body just liked them. I would make a big batch the night before and just drink it as my day went on. They helped to relieve my vaginal burning, UTIs, yeast infections, vaginal rawness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, acne and eczema, fertility and random brain shocks to the head. Yeah. So much. 

Example: I knew I was fighting shingles, vaginally and in my head. Throughout my life I would get seizure type shocks through my head, probably once every few months. My entire life. They were frightening. I would be immobile for a few seconds. Yeah. Then for some time I started to get them every hour. I figured out that if I drank licorice root every two hours, they stopped. Licorice is great for shingles, this is a symptom of shingles in your head. So I drank licorice root for 2-3 weeks every few hours and I don't get them anymore now. This stuff …

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